Enzymes, Run the Gut

Enzymes are the under reported part of Your body’s system that starts at the mouth, with alpha- Amylase to start Hydrolyses of starches and complex sugars, digesting them into simple sugars like glucose.

Then later, Protease is added to digest proteins after the stomach acids start the process, into peptides then amino acids. Then Lipase is added to catalyze the hydrolysis of fats, digesting them into fatty acids.This process continues down the small intestines where Cellulase ( from fungi, bacteria and protozoa ) breaks down fiber. There are over 3000 enzymes that catalyze the many reactions in the Gut and through out the body. The Pancreas produces enzymes and stores them for later use, it is also part of the recycling system that takes the enzymes back out of the Gut into the Blood system via inhibitors that de-activate the Enzymes, to return to the Pancreas to be used again. The loss of some Enzymes happens and must be replaced by the Pancreas. This can over load the Pancreas if large meals tax the system. Therefore using supplemental Enzymes keeps the Pancreas from damage.

The major part of Enzymes job includes working with the immune system. The antigen ( foreign body ,i.e. virus, bacteria, fungus, debris ) activates the antibodies to attack the invader, grabbing it to form immune complexes, normally Macrophages are called to surround the immune complexes and neutralize them. However, if overloaded with invaders the job falls to the Enzymes to neutralize the immune complexes. Immune complexes can be found in the blood stream system and in tissue; this situation calls for the Enzymes to go into action, neutralizing the offending agent.

The Europeans have been using oral Enzyme supplements to stabilize MS ( Multiple Sclerosis ) and improve many forms of Arthritis. For more information on these groundbreaking discovers read: Enzymes, The Fountain of Life,  by D.A. Lopez, M.D.  R.M. Williams, M.D.,  Ph.D,  K. Miehllke, M.D.

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