Life Force, Nature to Minerals to Vitamins to Enzymes to The Void

life forceThe Life Force in all of us is handed down across vast amounts of time. Nature has refined this force and our scientists are learning by observing its behavior. The common thread is the decay of this force in each of us and all the Life around. By trial and error, mostly error, we have discovered many ways to build this Force back up, through minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. The object of this Site is to Log this Battle to turn the hands of time back from the Void!

The many early civilizations populations in roman times lived between 20 to 30 years old with some making it to their 60s. Rome had viaducts and baths to keep them in a healthy state, however the many toxins around them, shorten their time. The fight between health supporting foods and environment, and the toxins is on going. The knowledge of vitamins was hard found, with some being forgotten like vitamin K2, and others not given credit for the many supporting roles that it played as in D3. We are making so many advances, that a new field of Meta research has grown from the fact that we are slow to apply what we have discovered. This Site will help to uncover the forgotten knowledge, and research that could add many years of happy Life to all peoples through out the many worlds on Earth. Please join in the Re-Discovery of the many factors that may help all of us push back the hands of Time!