Nutrition, Foundation of Healthy Life

  Nutrition is the key foundation to a healthy life. You must have the basic vitamins, minerals, herbs, and enzymes; and in the correct amounts to utilize the proteins, fats, and carbs to repair and maintain your body. The RDI/RDA Recommended Dietary Allowances are set to the lowest limits before causing disease. They are not set to Optimal Levels to maximize performance.  This is the reason that stress so easily destroys our health. Optimizing Formulas
have been developed.

Herenutrition is a partial example:

Vitamin A,7500 IU, 150% DV  (as beta-carotene)

Vitamin C, 250 mg    400%  DV

Vitamin  D, 400 IU     100%  DV

Vitamin   E, 150 IU      500%  DV

The companies that develop and Test these formulas take great pride and effort to ensure the Quality of their products.

The Industry of Nutrition is very dynamic, studying new findings including Meta research of the many thousands of published reports based on clinical trials.