Vitamin C, Super Anti Oxidant

Vitamin C ( L- ascorbic acid, water soluble ) is an essential dietary requirement, because unlike most animals that make Vitamin C, Humans can not make their own Vitamin C. Vitamin C is required to make Collagen, to form connective tissue to hold the body together including teeth in their sockets; also L-Caritine an amino acid used to build Proteins; and Vitamin C is used to make Neurotransmitters.

Vitamin C regenerates another Anti Oxidant Vitamin E ( fat soluble, alpha-tocopherol ) together they fight Free radicals through out the body, helping to prevent Cancer, Heart disease and cardiovascular disease. This helps the Immune system fight off invaders to the body. Insufficient Vitamin C causes Scurvy, fatigue, lassitude, weakness, and Capillary Fragility. The RDA requirement is 60 mg for Adults, however, to achieve optimal blood plasma levels 250 mg should be taken. If You are ill that should be increased to 1250 mg of Vitamin C ( daily), then when You are well back to 250 mg to prevent Oxalates from forming that could lead to kidney stones! Clinical studies have shown Vitamin C reduces the risk of Stroke and Age related Macular  degeneration, also lowers risk of Cataracts.

Many Foods contain Vitamin C, including Red Peppers 1/2 cup 95mg, Citrus fruits  one medium 70mg, Kiwi fruit 64mg, Strawberries 1/2 cup 49mg, Cantaloupe 1/2 cup 29mg, and Broccoli 1/2 cup 51mg, to name a few. In todays modern diet of fast foods One has a hard time getting enough Vitamin C. Supplements make it easy to keep the minium of 250mg per day do-able.

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Vitamin D, the Sun Shine Vitamin

Vitamin D has become interesting in that over 60% of the population is deficient, not to the point of disease. However, causing sub-clinical problems. The scale zero to 100, with 30 being the minimum desired and 60 nmol/l the target for,  normal individual, with athletes the range is  90 nmol/l to 120.

Most people are below 30 nmol/l. The form used in supplements is D3, it is active in the body preventing diseases including Rickets, bone diseases, and muscle weakness. Most everyone should be tested to ensure their serum levels are above 30 nmol/l.

Along with D3 a forgotten Vitamin K2 has been re-discovered, that directs the D3 to deposit its Calcium load in the bones and, not in the veins where it can restrict blood flow. The use of K2 with D3 should be obvious! K2 can be found in hard cheeses, especially Gouda cheese, or supplements, 100 mcg K2 for each 10,000 IU of D3. Do not confuse K1 for K2, as K1 is for preventing blood thinning, it helps to clot the blood.  Also you must have enough magnesium and calcium in your diet or supplements to support the D3 !

Anecdotal evidence has suggested that D3 may be much more important than previously realized. It could improve many conditions not yet verified.While we wait it would be good to keep our levels above the target of 60 nmol/l.

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