Vitamin B12, Cobalt

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient in the B-complex of water soluble vitamins.

This nutrient must be consumed through animal foods, to ensure adequate intake. Supplements are recommended, due to lack of cobalt in the bio-system!!  B12 is the most complex of all the vitamins and has an awesome power in human health. It is needed for normal energy metabolism in all cells of the body, including amino acid and fatty acid metabolism. B12 is also known as “cobalamin” and is important in vital physiological  processes as brain functioning, and nervous system health; production of myelin sheath to insulate the nerve fibers. Also formation of red blood cells and bone marrow, including DNA regulation and synthesis. It is produced by certain colon bacteria. B12 is needed as a minium Daily Recommended Intake {DRI} of 2 to 7 micro grams per day. B12 is safe at higher doses when used to prevent poisoning from arsenic.

The body can store up to 3-5 years worth of B12 because the Liver recycles B12. Deficiency does not show up for years until the reserves in the Liver are used up, due to lack of intake.When testing the blood the normal range is 180 to 900ng/L, however B12 less than 500 pico gram may produce deficiency. To ensure optimal health of your brain and nervous system, blood testing is important! Lack of B12 increases the level of homocyteine and decreases the synthesis of DNA!! The deficiency also may cause macrocytic anemia, peripheral neuropathy, neurological disorders, ie, cognitive decline, loss of mobility and balance.

Long standing deficiency may be irreversible!! Low stomach acid may cause a deficiency of B12 , for the acid is needed to break the bond that B12 has on the proteins in food. The Elderly tend to have low stomach acid. Also Celiac disease my impair absorption of B12 in the ileum of the small intestine. Bad bacteria over growth can cause mal-absorption of B12, parasitic infection from Giardiasis may cause deficiency. Also genetic factor may cause deficiency, as does excessive alcohol intake!!

Sources of B12: Clams,organ meats especially liver, beef, turkey, fish, eggs, mackerel, and crab meat. - i am BUILT. i am A1.

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