Working Out, Keep it Moving

Exercising is one of the most important Legs to the Chair of Health and Wellness. The Human body was not designed to be Stationary. Back many thousands of years, our ancestors walked, ran and Hunted for their food. Harvesting fruits and vegetables as they went. Now in the Modern World only 3% of the population in the USA farms or ranches to put food on the Table.This has left the rest of us to work in other fields, including Office Jobs, Retail Stores, Auto Mechanics, Roofers, and many more Jobs; not always getting a full work-out. One of the easiest work-outs is walking one to two miles a day. This simple activity keeps your body in great shape, allowing all the parts to work together moving the Lymph through out your system preventing infections from taking hold, by letting the White Blood cells fight the invaders. The Lymphatic system depends on your motion to work, keeping You Healthy. - Flat Rate Shipping!